Unless otherwise noted, all photos by Nancy Tirrell Paravano.

Days Inn Horsham is a Proud Sponsor of Hatboro's BORO BALL at The Manor House on February 28, 2009
Days Inn Horsham JoAnne Zapata is a proud sponsor of the Hatboro Boro Ball. JoAnne Zapata was on the Ball Committee. The Ball was held at the Manor House at Commonwealth.

Photos by Nancy Tirrell Paravano

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The following photo albums are NOT credited to Nancy Tirrell Paravano: GHCC Luncheon featuring Chris Gabriel; GHCC Luncheon featuring Joe Tryon; GHCC Luncheon featuring Jennifer Partelow; Horsham Day, June 5, 2010; JoAnne Zapata receives Evelyn Bissig award; JoAnne Zapata represents Rotary.

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